Letter to Alaska Governor Parnell from ExxonMobil, ConocoPhillips and BP CEOs

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March 30, 2012
Letter to Alaska Governor Parnell from ExxonMobil, ConocoPhillips and BP CEOs

Dear Governor Parnell,

Our three corporations, collectively and individually, value our relationship with Alaska and believe that its citizens across the state, as well as our shareholders around the world, share acommon interest in responsible resource development. We write today to inform you of our progress in working together on the next generation of North Slope resource development.

Alaska's vast North Slope holds over 35 trillion cubic feet of discovered natural gas. To date, this gas has been used to enhance North Slope oil production, adding several billion barrels to Prudhoe and Kuparuk recoveries. However, under the right business climate, the full commercial potential of this world-class resource can be unlocked. North Slope gas commercialization will bring new job opportunities, increased state revenues, reliable in-stateenergy supplies and new exploration opportunities, which will further the development of North Slope oil and gas. This will be key toward reaching your goal of one million barrels of oil per day through the Trans-Alaska Pipeline System.

Serious discussions between our companies have taken place over the past several months, along with the Alaska Pipeline Project (APP) parties who are supporting the AGIA License. We have aligned on a structured, stewardable and transparent approach with the aim to commercialize North Slope natural gas resources within an AGIA framework. As a result of the rapidly evolving global market, large-scale liquefied natural gas (LNG) exports from southcentral Alaska will be assessed as an alternative to gas line exports through Alberta. In addition to broadening market access, a south-central Alaska LNG approach could more closely align with in-state energy demand and needs. We are now working together on the gas commercialization project concept selection, which would include an associated timeline and an assessment of major project components including in-state pipeline routes and capacities, global LNG trends, and LNG tidewater site locations, among others.

Commercializing Alaska natural gas resources will not be easy. There are many challenges and issues that must be resolved, and we cannot do it alone. Unprecedented commitments of capital for gas development will require competitive and stable fiscal terms with the State of Alaska first be established. Appropriately structured, stable fiscal arrangements have opened new opportunities around the world, and will playa pivotal role in making Alaska competitive in the global market and unlocking the economic potential of North Slope resources.

Point Thomson is an excellent example of a challenged, world-class resource. With approximately 25% of known North Slope natural gas, Point Thomson development is an important element in consideration of North Slope gas commercialization. However, economic models must span decades into an uncertain future to estimate economic returns. Your Administration has taken the lead in forging a Point Thomson settlement that will bring long- term resources, revenues and jobs to help Alaska's economy. With settlement now finalized, our companies are moving forward, as participating co-venturers, with the initial development phase at Point Thomson with confidence that North Slope gas development will ultimately bring the Point Thomson resource to market.

We agree the next generation of North Slope resource development is achievable, working together with the APP parties, as well as with the State of Alaska. Thank you for your leadership and your confidence in us to take on these challenges. We join you in a vision of prosperity and promise. There is much work to do and opportunities yet to discover.


Rex Tillerson

Jim Mulva

Bob Dudley 

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